Can You Hear Me Now?

Depending on your beliefs or how you were raised, you may ask for help.  You may set intentions, call out to the Universe, pray to God or another deity, or believe in a Spirit of some sort.  Regardless of how or who you ask, how do you get your answer?

Being brought up Christian, I was taught to pray.  I use God and the Universe interchangeably or together.  As I have matured, I have learned that while we have our plans for the future and how we expect things to turn out; God has his own plans.  Sometimes his plans come in the form of an obstacle or tragedy to detour us in the “right” direction. Other times we are at a crossroad where we are unsure what to do next.

I believe there are no coincidences.  We are woven together in and out of each other’s lives for a purpose. One relationship may introduce you to another and so on or they may be what appear to be random encounters.  They all matter – maybe it is a message for you, maybe it is a message for the other person.

Sometimes we hear the message but still wonder if that is the right answer or we hear the message and think – yeah that’s a good idea.  I will do it one day.

That’s when the intervention occurs.  As you travel through your day, week, life, the same message will be made known to you through unrelated sources.  A podcast will say the same thing you read in a book. A television show will tell the same story as a seminar you just attended.  A simple sentence on a social media post may directly reflect a dream you just had or a situation you just encountered.

Always be listening.  Ask. Believe. Receive.  Your answers are there.

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